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BARk (Boro Animal Rescue krew) is a non-profit  501(c)3 group from West York Boro located in York County, PA.   We were formed in 2008 by Shelley Metzler. Our team is made entirely of volunteers who search for lost pets, rescue found pets and respond to emergencies involving an animal (vehicle accident, fire or medical calls where EMS teams need assistance) within the Boro and surrounding area.  The goal is to get these pets back to their owners or a foster before considering the SPCA as an option.  No pet that has a loving home should be taken to an unfamiliar place and put in a kennel if we are able to provide a service that reunites them with their families as quickly as possible.  This is less stressful on the animals and keeps them calm and happy.  

BARk has recently partnered with the American Red Cross and responds in York/Adams County to fires involving animals.  BARk also provides pet supplies and food on a scheduled basis to those who are in need.  We rely on the support and donations from our community, pet companies and fundraisers.





Mailing Address:

43 N Clinton Street, York, PA 17404




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