Borough Animal Response krew
Non Profit 501 (c)3


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Mission Statement:

No Animal will leave this world, within our control, without knowing unconditional love....even if it is for a little while......


BARk program (Borough Animal Response krew) which is a non-profit organization (501 (c)3) is made up of a total of 29+ volunteers as well as 5 Jr volunteers who respond to any emergency involving any animal that is lost, stolen, found, hurt during a fire or motor vehicle accident, tethered outside for long periods of time or abused within West York Boro.  BARk accepts donations all year around for pet food, bowls, leashes, etc.  Every year BARk holds several annual events to raise money and collect donations.  Around Christmas we do a Needy Pet Drive delivering needed pet supplies to needy animals in West York Boro as well as surrounding areas.  BARk helps animals in need all year long, we DO NOT give to same individuals monthly.  For those individuals we will provide quarterly. BARk has in the past helped with Vet Bills (if the money is available)

General Information

If your pet is lost, stolen, hit by a vehicle, trapped or you find an animal call 911 first, they in turn will call the Animal Control Officer or one of our Street Team members  and someone will get out to you as soon as possible.  Keep in mind, we are all volunteers, that being said someone might not be available at that moment.  If you found an animal please secure the animal until we are able to respond, if you can not wait for someone to responds, please take the animal to the SPCA.

We are NOT a rescue

  • We are a response team

  • Our GOAL is to get the animal/s that are lost back home.  This causes less stress to the animals. 

  • We respond to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and when requested to, medical calls. 

How are we contacted? 

  • Majority of the time we are dispatched by York County 911

  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

  • Fire Department

  • Police Department

  • Residents

"Wonderful!!!! I'm sorry to say I didn't know of this organization before tonight when my son and family lost two dogs!!!! (They have been found) Thank you Shelley and your great team for all your efforts!!"

Our Pet Pantry

  • We receive donations all year long for our pet pantry

  • We give to pets in need all year long (pending supplies available)

  • Our biggest give is our Needy Pet Drive Campaign  which is held the Saturday before Christmas with the help from West York Ambulance Inc. 

Helping with monetary donations 

  • Helping with vet Bills when funds are available. 
  • Giving to other rescues